Please help if you can

We need your help, please!

My campaign is picking up pace, and as it does, we need to print cards and door hangers to hand to constituents. We need signs for people to put in their yards and outside of their businesses. We need stickers for supporters to wear. We need t-shirts for events. And we need to print, apply postage, and mail thousands of mailers to reach the voters in our district with our message.

To do this, we need to raise money. Fast! Mailers alone will cost us more than $2,000 per mailing, and we need to do several mailings. Yard signs and corner signs, several thousand more. Stickers and shirts in the number we need, several hundred more dollars apiece.

If you support my belief that Oklahoma needs to focus on public education and the infrastructure and partnerships required to grow innovative companies, will you please make a contribution today?

Contribute right now by clicking here.

Even better, you can make a $10 per month recurring donation by clicking here (change the amount if you’d like to give more).

Alternatively, you can mail a check made out to “Bill Day for State Senate 2018” with your name, address, occupation and employer, phone, and email to:

Bill Day for State Senate 2018
PO Box 140881
Broken Arrow, OK 74014-0881

Every dollar counts! Thank you for your support!

(Some have asked about contribution limits. Oklahoma election rules allow any US individual to contribute a total of up to $2,700 via check or credit card leading up to the primary. Cash contributions are limited to $50.) 2018-04-09 08.27.23

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