More about my background and what I plan to do in the Senate

Here’s a press release we’ve begun sharing that I hope will paint a more complete picture of my previous experience and how I’ll use it at the Capitol.  Please reshare, and let me know what additional questions you have.  Thank you!


Contact: Bill Day, (918)994-2112

Broken Arrow Father Inspired by Education Walkout to Run for State Senate

Bill Day is an Oklahoma father and businessman called to action by the recent events at the Capitol. Born and raised in Broken Arrow, he has fond memories of playing at Central Park, riding bikes along Main Street, and attending Rooster Days.

With two children of his own attending Broken Arrow Public Schools and his wife, Jennifer, working for the district as a speech-language therapist, the public education funding crisis hits very close to home. During the two-week teacher walkout, their family spent many days at the Capitol, speaking with lawmakers, educators and other supporters of public education, making their voices heard for the future of education in our state.

His love for public education, along with his desire to see his state rise to new levels of success, led him to a big decision. On April 12, Bill Day filed as a Republican candidate for Oklahoma State Senate District 36. The district runs from roughly Highway 169 in the west, east across Tulsa and Broken Arrow into Wagoner County. It includes constituents in much of the Union Public Schools district, the northern half of Broken Arrow Public Schools and a portion of Tulsa Public Schools.

“I believe Oklahoma can fund our core services including education while removing barriers for technology companies and new industries to flourish here. We need to become first class at both to insure a prosperous future for ourselves and our children. In order to do that, we need leaders in the Capitol who are willing to try a new strategy to create economic growth in our state. I believe that a focus on public education is the foundation for that growth, and I want to help lead the way in making our children and economic innovation top priorities in our legislature.”

It’s easy to see why he is so passionate about public education. It runs in his blood. His mother, Kay Day, was a longtime high school math teacher in Broken Arrow, and his father, Bill Day Sr., taught math for the district for a few years in his younger days. His grandmother and one of his aunts were also teachers. His wife’s family likewise has deep roots in public education. Bill’s father-in-law, Dr. Gary Gerber, is a former superintendent of BAPS, and his mother-in-law, Dr. Betty Gerber, is a former high school principal in both Broken Arrow and Coweta.

“My wife and I come from families of school teachers, administrators, and a superintendent, all of whom were educated in public school systems and public universities,” he said. “In addition to my wife’s work in the schools, we are both in our children’s PTAs and I volunteer for our school long range planning committee, as well as coach our son’s youth soccer team.”

“Our daughter and son both attend public schools. We see the book shortages, participate in the PTA fundraisers, buy and donate basic supplies to keep our schools running. So, when it comes to the current movement to better fund public education, we get it.”

Day took advantage of the educational opportunities in Broken Arrow, graduating second in his class and becoming a National Merit Scholar. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and French Minor from the University of Oklahoma.

He believes passionately in economic growth and innovation built on public education. As an engineer, product manager and adviser, he has helped grow technology companies from mobile app startups to internet services and computer manufacturers. He noticed that all of these companies have one big need in common: a well-educated workforce.

If elected to the State Senate, he will focus on enabling current and future generations to build their careers in the state of Oklahoma instead of being forced to move elsewhere for opportunities. He knows that dilemma all too well, as he faced it after college himself.

After graduating from O.U., he spent a year in graduate school as a National Science Foundation Fellow at the University of Minnesota. He and his wife then moved to northern California, where he spent almost nine years working in Silicon Valley, for Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and Nokia. Despite the opportunities afforded him in his advancing technology career, the allure of raising a family in Oklahoma was so strong that he moved with his wife and infant daughter back home to Broken Arrow in 2004.

“I love living here and raising my family in Broken Arrow,” he said. “While the Tulsa area has changed a great deal since my childhood, there is potential to achieve far more. Our state needs a course correction to make sure we prioritize the right things and establish an environment where young people will thrive in their careers right here at home. We can build something truly special here, with the right leadership in place.”

In addition to establishing educational excellence as a bedrock for economic innovation and growth, Day has many other issues fueling his campaign. Having run his own business for many years and having worked with numerous companies of all sizes, he understands the needs of both small and large businesses first hand.

When asked about his belief system, Day outlined his positions on numerous key issues.

“I believe the U.S. Constitution and Oklahoma state constitution say what they mean, and mean what they say. I also believe the state government must find ways to raise enough revenue to meet its constitutional obligations to fund core services, including education. Likewise, I believe that the longer-term path to raising more revenue must be through economic innovation and new industries, not simply a rehash of the past.”

Day also has strongly held beliefs when it comes to issues of individual rights and liberties.

“People should have the freedom to live their lives as they please, so long as they aren’t infringing on others’ liberties and well-being. Life begins when DNA assembles, but government should tread lightly here. And everyone has a right to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

He is also an avid outdoorsman, having grown up spending a great deal of time at his grandfather’s ranch in southeastern Oklahoma. It was there he learned how to hunt, drive a tractor, feed cattle, bale hay, and so much more. He and his family take many trips each year down to “the farm”, to spend time in the woods, hike through the hills, try their hand at fishing or see what kinds of wildlife they might encounter. This close connection to nature and his love for experiencing the outdoors has given him a strong passion for the conservation of lands, waters and wildlife.

Day sees a bright future for Oklahoma, if the proper leadership is in place to solve the state’s pressing issues.

“I believe that if we keep to these principles and work together, we can build a better future for all Oklahomans.”

Day is the owner of DayWeb, where he helps customers grow their businesses by solving product and partnership problems. His company has provided partner and platform management services, social media management, product and business development, writing, and editing to clients including Magellan GPS, O’Reilly Media, PayPal, NVIDIA, Nokia and Digital Reasoning Systems.

An avid runner himself, he also worked as platform product manager and evangelist for Runkeeper, where he ran the team that helped power Runkeeper beyond 25 million registered users. He grew Runkeeper’s partner platform from its infancy to 150 featured partners and more than 2,000 total partnerships.

For more information on Day and his campaign, follow him on and like his Facebook page at  He is also on Twitter @day4ok and Instagram @day4ok.

billday.headshot 2018-04-13 21.45.53

Broken Arrow resident Bill Day is running as a Republican candidate for Oklahoma State Senate District 36.
Photo by Jared Ball of Tulsa Photography and Videography.

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