Running for State Senate, literally!

I’m a runner.  I haven’t always been.  In fact until my mid-thirties, I was one of those people that could not understand the appeal of running at all.  But I came to a point where I knew I needed to get in better shape, and I embraced the exercise that seemed to have the highest potential payoff along with the highest potential “suffer rate,” running.

I have not looked back.  Running has payed me tremendous dividends, personally and professionally.  And so I’ve decided that as I “run for Senate” in the political sense, I’d like to hold “Run for Senate” running and walking events.  Come to one of these moving “meet and greets” and you can discuss whatever issues you’re concerned about with me while we get a little exercise.

I held a test event last weekend, at the Fleet Feet TulsaGolden Driller Marathon“.  You can see some of my highlights from the race below.

I ran the Half Marathon distance, which ended up being too far for some constituents.  Lesson learned, future “Run for Senate” events will be 5k / 3 miles or less, and there’ll be walking as well as running options.

Watch my Facebook Events page for upcoming runs and walks.  I hope you will join me!

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