The veto referendum is a bad idea

This veto referendum is a bad idea, and not just for public education.

A bipartisan supermajority, Republicans and Democrats elected by the people from across our state, passed HB1010xx to start Oklahoma back onto the path of responsibly funding education, transportation, and other critical core services.

Even with the revenue from HB1010xx, the state FY 2019 budget is still 9.4% less than the  FY 2009 budget, adjusted for inflation.  You can read the details from this Oklahoma Policy Institute blog post.  A key graph from that piece showing inflation adjusted state budgets during that period, courtesy of the Oklahoma Policy Institute:


The veto referendum would undue a hard fought compromise that’s worth keeping. Please, educate yourself about the situation ( is a great place to start) and do not sign the veto referendum petition.

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