Bill Day is uniquely qualified to solve our economic innovation and public education problems

Our most recent mailer is arriving at voters’ homes now.

As the mailer notes, I’m the only candidate in the Senate District 36 race with real experience in technology and innovation (22 years as an engineer, manager, adviser, and consultant in the technology industry). Unlike my opponents, I have hands-on experience I can use from day one to diversify our economy into high growth technology industries.

I understand what tech companies need to start and stay here in Broken Arrow and East Tulsa. I will work with public and private partners to stimulate and nurture the creation and retention of startups and rapidly expanding technology businesses. I discuss this further in my plan for what I’ll do if elected to the State Senate:

I am also the only candidate in the race with children attending our public schools now. My wife’s a Broken Arrow Public Schools speech therapist, and we are both members in our childrens’ PTAs. We volunteer in the classrooms, we chaperone field trips, we are living the ups and downs of our public schools daily. I am also a volunteer for the BAPS Long Range Planning Committee which advises the Superintendent and Board of Education on redistricting and bond matters. Given my heavy involvement at all levels of our public schools, I understand the issues they’re facing, and I’m proposing a 4 Year Education Plan to fix them aggressively. Please read more about that in my “What I Will Do“.

I will work with parents, PTAs, School Boards, Superintendents, statewide education leaders, and the legislature to enact this 4 Year Education Plan as quickly as possible. We cannot afford to wait!

Questions? Please call or text me directly at 918-994-2112.  And please vote for Bill Day today through Saturday at your early voting locations (contact county election board) or Tuesday June 26 at your polling place.

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