Vote Bill Day to Grow Our Economy and Bring Jobs to Oklahoma

I’m Bill Day, Broken Arrow native and candidate for Oklahoma State Senate District 36.  I would appreciate your vote in the upcoming August 28 Republican Run-off Election.

I have detailed my background, experience, reasons for running, and plans if elected in the letter at:

I ask that you please read and share the above letter with family, neighbors, and friends.


Summarizing it very briefly:

  • I hold God, family, and community as my top three priorities, in that order.
  • I have never run for office before. I am running now to fix some of the many problems we all see in OKC.
  • My wife and I both grew up in Broken Arrow, graduated K-12 from Broken Arrow Public Schools.  We have two children attending BAPS now (3rd and 9th grades).
  • I have an engineering degree from OU and 22 years experience in the software and technology industry.
  • I am Pro-Life, endorsed by the Oklahomans for Public Education, and the only candidate in this race endorsed by the NRA. I believe in personal liberty and freedom, instead of more government.
  • I am a planner, conservative with money, and a careful budgeter.

If elected, I will fight to:

  • Make sure we know where our taxes are being spent and that there are measurements in place to judge if each program is a net gain for the People of Oklahoma, so we can eliminate those programs which aren’t.
  • Grow, attract, and keep innovative companies here, so that our children and grandchildren can thrive in Oklahoma.
  • Deliver on the promises made in our State Constitution, including providing for the state’s portion of public safety, transportation and infrastructure, health care, and public education. I am proposing a 4 Year Public Education Plan.

Unlike my run-off opponent, I am not taking lobbyist or Political Action Committee money to fund my campaign. I want and will be accountable to you, not the “political machine.”

If you agree that we need a better state budget process, a thriving innovation economy, and stable core services including public education, please vote for Bill Day on August 28!

Questions? Please call or text me directly at 918-994-2112.  I ask for your prayers, and for your vote.  Thank you, and God bless you,



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